Obara Paper Art Museum (Washi no Furusato)
Washi no Furusato is a facility consisted of Washi Tenjikan, Washi Kougeikan, and Rest House. Surrounded by nature, there are gardens with full of plants for Washi material and natural trails on its premises. Flowers of each season and sounds of bird singing is always welcoming visitors.

ADDRESS Obara Paper Art Museum
216-1 Hora Eitaro, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken 470-0562 JAPAN
TEL 0565-65-2151 / FAX 0565-66-1001
Business Hours 9:00 am 〜 4:30 pm
No-Business Day Every Monday (If Monday is holiday, it will be Buisiness day)
Ending and Beginning of Year (December 28th〜January 4rd )

■By Bus
Take a Toyota Oiden Bus for Kaminigi at Meitetsu Toyota-shi Station and get off at Washi no Furusato

■By Car
Exit from Toyota Fujioka Interchange from Tokai Toll way or Exit from Sanage Nakayama Interchange from Green Road and drive on Route 419 toward Mizunami about 15km.